Network Cardano activated update Shelley

The network’s seventh largest cryptocurrency Cardano long-awaited hardwork Shelley.

The update was activated today at 00:44 GMT, and marked the transition Cardano with federated governance mechanisms at the decentralized. With Shelley in the core network Cardano appears the possibility of staking and delegation of assets. Based on a special test network stacking with tangible rewards was available in a few months before.

For staking, you must have a large volume of ADA, as it increases the chances of his selection as the manufacturer of the unit. He also can delegate his or her assets in favor of third-party pool and to earn a proportionate share of ADA. The company estimates IOHK behind the development of Cardano, the number of stacking pools over time, approaching a thousand. At the stage of launching the updates in the network presents over 450 pools. The first distribution of awards will take place on August 18.

«This is a tremendous achievement, but it does not mean that we do nothing. We intend to achieve phases of Voltaire and Goguen road map Cardano, which will allow to implement reliable control schemes and smart contracts,» said Director of product IOHK Aparna Ju.

«By this time next year we can see hundreds of assets and decentralized applications on the blockchain Cardano», – commented on the achievement CEO IOHK Charles Hoskinson.

Price ADA during the last three months rose by 200% and reached a maximum of 2018, a level above us $0.15. Today, holders of ADA, apparently, decided to «sell on the news», with the result that the rate dropped to 4%.


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