Commission bitcoin for the month jumped by 525%

Commission of bitcoin has grown along with the price of cryptocurrency, draws attention Derypt citing data Bitinfocharts.

Now the average cost of processing a bitcoin transaction is $5,80. Value for the month increased by 525%, and for the last three days – twice. At the same time, the price of bitcoin surged to their annual highs above $11 000.

The fee is usually grow with the increase of activity in the network of cryptocurrency. The current growth is not surprising, considering the number of translations of traders between the stock accounts in seeking to benefit from the dynamics in the market.

The increase in commissions was also due to the situation in manule first cryptocurrency. July 24, its size was raised to 80 megabytes. As a rule, in overloading users are willing to pay more to increase the priority of the transaction among the miners and soon to get confirmation.

The last time to comparable levels of fee bitcoin rose in may. After halving value briefly reached two-year high of about $6,60, and then fell again to a level of $1.

Also increased the size of the commissions in the network, the second largest cryptocurrency Ethereum. For the month grew by 180%. The result is the average value of fee for processing an Ethereum transaction now is $1.4, and for the interaction with smart contracts can exceed $10.


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