Arthur Hayes announced the beginning of the bull market cycle of bitcoin

Doubt the necessity of buying bitcoin? Then listen to the words of CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX, Arthur Hayes. He said that the cryptocurrency market has officially moved into a bullish cycle, that is, in the foreseeable future, the price of BTC will increase substantially. As well as other coins.

What will happen with cryptocurrencies

Last night the price of Bitcoin got a chance to jump to level 11 $ 300. At the time of this writing BTC is trading in line 11, $ 100. Recall that the price of the home cryptocurrency over a month fluctuated around 9200 dollars. On the market was the record low volatility of an asset for a long time.

That is, the cryptocurrency was too quiet, and the movement of her course was too small.

Note that the last week experts noted decrease in this indicator. Then the 30-day volatility of Bitcoin exchange rate fell below 20 percent. And according to analysts IntoTheBlock in the history of cryptocurrency it happened a second time.

Now the situation has changed. Over the last week the exchange rate of Bitcoin has grown at least 2 thousand dollars. Of course, key industry representatives cryptocurrency could not fail to notice what is happening and not to react to it. Among these people was a co-founder and Director of the popular cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX, Arthur Hayes.

Here the quote and tweet of Hayes, which he is quite eccentric, noted the official beginning of the bullish cycle.

This Wed**th bull market, are you ready or what!!!!!

Message to the CEO of BitMEX attached a frame from the film «the Americans», in which the hero of actor Alec Baldwin explains the brilliant strategy of sale of assets. That is, Arthur has made it clear that soon we can expect an excellent probability to reset the stocks of coins at a great price. At least so interpreted the message.

Then Arthur again commented on the events.

I told you all about my pocket-rockets. I will now include the mode of Scrooge McDuck in this market.

That is Hayes truly believes in a new stage of growth of the cryptocurrency market, and plans to make it. We will remind, the exchange including money in transaction fees to users. Therefore, the more people will rush to exchange, the more will be the income of their leadership — and Arthur in particular.

The parade of tweets Arthur finished not comfortable with voice input. It shows the attitude of the person who does not Longuet Bitcoin — that is, does not believe in its growth.

I pity the fool.

But CEO exchange Binance Chanpen Zhao more restrained in their comments on the market situation. It encourages users to be very careful.

Kryptonim already out, and more and more people get into the industry. Please learn risk management. Do not put all your funds on one transaction or even one asset.

In this case his advice Zhao to follow — yet his situation is very different.

I myself do not follow this advice because 99 percent of my capital are associated with a single asset. But I have a big cushion [security]. And I’m still an entrepreneur. Everyone has different situations. Manage your risk accordingly.

Zhao was voiced by the Golden rule every good trader and investor is «not putting all your eggs in one basket». Risk management is perhaps the only technique that has the highest probability of save your money in cryptocurrencies. So try to allocate your capital on a list of assets and not to invest just one coin.

Whatever it was, the promise of cryptocurrency entrepreneurs, we understand. They feel that the market situation has changed, and now we can all speak louder about the impending Bollene. I hope their predictions and statements are true, and the repetition of 2017 we will see in the next few months.


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