Work on hardforum Berlin Ethereum suspended

The Ethereum developers decided to stop work on a planned hard fork of Berlin until at least August. This is because too many nodes (79%) currently uses the client Geth, and the occasional bug in it can lead to the freezing of the entire network. Additional time will allow other customers to increase its share, writes CoinDesk.

«Geth is a big part of the network. It is very important that we were right, because the error is not permissible. If we are wrong, and Nethermind, for example, the right not to be irrelevant that the Nethermind was the correct code, because the network will go in the wrong chain», – said the head of the team of Geth Peter silagyi during a conference call on Friday.

«The main reason for the delay Berlin – to reduce dependence on Geth and avoid a situation where its failure will result in disabling the entire network, – said the developer Alexey Akhunov. – Currently the load is too large, and the correctness of the Geth is critical. They decided to suspend most of the work to make sure that everything is working properly».

The situation worsened due to the termination of official support for client Parity in December 2019. Its developers said that more can not allocate enough resources to keep their software up to date. For the support of Parity, now called Open Ethereum, is now responsible decentralized Autonomous organization. December was abandoned about 60% of the gcd.

«In a perfect world, there would be a lot of customers, none of them would have a share above 33% – said the founder of a startup Gnosis, funding the development of Open Ethereum, Martin Kappelmann. – Indeed, Open Ethereum is not equal to Parity on the number of nodes, but we do not consider this reduction. On the contrary, when Gnosis, in fact, took responsibility for Open Ethereum, our share was zero».

The main problem is attracting a nod to alternative customers. Developed by Greg Colvin believes that the issue them to decide for themselves can not afford. The nodes will choose other clients only if they meet any additional requirements, which are currently no. While Colvin recommends Geth to hire more employees.


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