Well-known investor believes 99% of cryptoprocta garbage

The investor believes Uber and Robinhood Jason Calacanis, almost all cryptocurrency projects are doomed to failure. They run illiterate people and idiots. 99% of such projects is «garbage», wrote the businessman on his page on Twitter.

Calacanis has a view of the altcoins, only 1% of which can claim the status of future projects.

Only a small percentage of digital assets has real potential and is a quality product. All other cryptocurrencies not only garbage, but also even dangerous for potential investors, as they create the person or unrelated to the blockchain industry, or the usual scams that aim to steal your money.

Calacanis wrote:

Historically, 99% of cryptoprocta is trash, run by unqualified idiots…

Jason Calacanis also known for his critical attitude to bitcoin. Last summer he said that if BTC will not collapse to zero, then the asset is worth less than $500.

However, recently in conversation with Anthony Pompliano investor admitted that in a short time it can be up to 3% of their capital to invest in bitcoin. In parallel Calacanis acknowledged the high potential of this technology, BTC, able to qualitatively change the financial system.


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