The holders of the Kyber Crystal Network will have the opportunity of staking

The developers of a decentralized exchange Network Kyber plan to start an update Protocol Katalyst 7 July.

As reported by CoinDesk, it was aimed at changing the role of the private token Network Kyber Crystal (KNC) to encourage participation in the development of the project. Katalyst and its associated platform KyberDAO will support three types of participants: liquidity providers, decentralized applications and the usual holders of KNC. Ecosystem members will participate in the management platform through a decentralized organization KyberDAO.

In addition, Katalyst will reduce liquidity problems and to provide reward its suppliers. Will also be support for decentralised applications to set the exchange rate.

The holders of KNC will be able to participate in staking their tokens and get rewards in ether, collected from users of the platform at the conclusion of transactions. Developers do not set minimum and maximum limits on the number of tokens for staking, as well as requirements for the lockout or starting nod. The holders of the KNC who are not interested in the management of the system will be able to earn rewards by delegating their tokens to operators of pools in KyberDAO.

KNC was one of the most successful stock of tokens this year. Since January, growth has exceeded 400%.


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