Messari: the costs of the zcash for developers exceed the revenues of the company

Researchers Messari have come to the conclusion that if behind the development of the zcash for the company Electric Coin Company (ECC) will not reduce operating costs, and the coin will not grow significantly in value, money will suffice for a maximum of 25 months.

The company analyzed the transparency report ECC for the fourth quarter of 2019. According to the document, current operating expenses of the developers of $710 thousand a month income was $410 thousand. If the costs and price ZEC will remain unchanged, after November of halving ECC monthly deficit of $280 thousand, said Messari Ryan Watkins.

According to him, while maintaining the current price ZEC and funding model in which 20% of the mined coins automatically go to the founders and developers, ECC will stretch a little over two years. Then the company will likely have to seek alternative sources of funding.

«In a bearish scenario, if zcash for return to the historical maximum at $20,40, ECC will be able after halving to survive for only 7 months.»

After that, the company will inevitably have to reduce costs or to look for alternative options of financing.

Watkins added that to achieve break-even price zcash for it should grow by about 60%.

Structure of remuneration in the ecosystem zcash for: 80% of the coin goes to miners, other 20% to the founders, developers, and other employees of the ECC and zcash for Foundation.

According to the report, currently, the ECC remain the ZEC reserves in the amount of approximately $7.2 million, according to the current price of the coin.


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