Binance launched the biggest update for all time of existence of the exchange

Exchange cryptocurrency Binance yesterday held a regular update of the trading platform.

Update started at 05:00 Moscow time and, according to initial estimates, should take two hours. Subsequently, the company announced the extension of time and were able to complete all necessary work by 08:00. Trading activity on the platform was resumed by 08:30. Options and futures products Binance during the renewal period remained fully functional.

As reported by the CEO of Binance Chanpen Zhao in his Twitter, this is the biggest update for all time of existence of the exchange.

«We change the engine mapping of applications to a new programming language (and rewrote all code from scratch, as required). The update was as large as possible. Two years of preparation, all for the sake of accelerating productivity,» he wrote.

Latest updates allowed Binance significantly reduce the manifestations of the inefficiency of stock market infrastructure, such as sharp fluctuations of the market.

Bitcoin exchange rate did not show high volatility against the background technical work on Binance and briefly fell below $9 000 after their graduation.


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