Got a beta version of Electrum wallet support Lightning Network

The operator of a popular bitcoin wallet Electrum has posted a beta version of release 4.0 Protocol support Lightning Network (LN).

The solution to LN is a second-level Protocol, designed to scale the network of bitcoin. It provides an opportunity to make instant transactions with small commissions.

Test version 4.0 Electrum supports «hidden swaps», which allows you to exchange bitcoins for version Lightning.

The release also includes support for partially signing a bitcoin transaction format PSBT.

For the first time about plans of integration of the Lightning Network in the Electrum wallet Creator Thomas Vogtlin announced in July last year. In October, the developers have confirmed that the support of LN will be included in the next release of the application.

Earlier the experts found that the sidechained Liquid involved more bitcoins than in LN. The processing of the cryptocurrency service BitPay said he did not intend to implement any of these solutions for scaling bitcoin.


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