Stolen from Bitfinex bitcoins are in motion

With the purse containing the stolen from the Bitfinex bitcoin exchange, made the first for the year transaction. She noticed the Whale Alert service.

Unknown transferred 28,39124 BTC ($258 thousand) for the anonymous address, and the other wallet sent 2,275952 BTC ($20.6 million) within the same transaction. Means stored on the sender’s address since the middle of last year.

Hacking Bitfinex occurred in August 2016. In total, the attackers stole 119 756 BTC ($71.8 million at the exchange rate at the time). The exchange has paid all debts after the loss of bitcoins in April 2017. In mid-2019, Israeli police arrested two brothers suspected of the burglary.

The network of bitcoin was also seen translation 46 835 BTC ($425,6 million) in a single transaction. The Commission amounted to $2.9.

Recall, may 18 unidentified investor brought $144 million in BTC in one transaction, paying 30 cents Commission.

Shortly before this unknown Keith moved 47 835 BTC ($417 million) with Commission of $1,44.

In October 2019 in the bitcoin network the transaction took place on 112 027 BTC (more than $930 million at the time). At that time the Commission was $3,89.


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