Bitcoin Pizza Day: Today is the tenth anniversary of the buy pizza with bitcoins

On may 22, the cryptocurrency community celebrates jubilee pizza Day (Pizza Day).

On this day, exactly 10 years ago, programmer Laszlo Hanic for the first time in the history of Bitcoin pay with bitcoin real «tangible» buy – two mushroom pizza Papa John’s with sausage, tomatoes and onions, which cost him «only» 10 thousand bitcoins (at the exchange rate at the time it was about $25).

Then about cryptocurrency and the blockchain heard one, and of course the usual pizza and no one would have looked in the direction of Laszlo and even would consider a programmer from Las Vegas when a client of the psychiatric clinic, if he chooses to pay an unknown virtual coins.

Janicu had to make a number of actions to order: he placed an ad on BitcoinTalk, and then one of the few at that time connoisseurs of bitcoin has agreed to accept BTC on your wallet and arrange delivery to the address of Laszlo.

Today a bitcoin is worth $9000 – at the current rate of two pizzas cost $90 million, while peak values in the $20,000 order was worth $200 000 million To date, for this amount one could buy more than 3.5 million of these pizzas.


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