Announcement of listing on Coinbase has caused the growth of prices OmiseGo 200%

Own coin-blockchain project OmiseGo demonstrates outstanding performance in recent days. Since may 14, its rate rose from $0.75 to 200% and peaked above $2,20.

Growth proceeded the announcement of the American stock exchange Coinbase about listing. Another pulse OMG received on may 21, when Coinbase announced the addition of coins to your retail portal and mobile app.

In the middle of 2017 OmiseGo held ICO, collecting $25 million a month Later, the project announced the holding of airdrop for holders of Ethereum, during which they had the opportunity to receive tokens for free. On the background of the current growth rate, some market participants began to recall what I could to participate in this airdrops.

«I think I’m saving a few coins from aeropa. May cost a few shekels,» writes analyst Mattie Greenspan.

At the same time, OMG now is only a fraction of what it reached at the peak of the market. The historical maximum for this cryptocurrency was recorded January 8, 2018 at $28,35.

In the past listings on Coinbase cryptocurrency were often marked by a sharp growth rate, but over time their influence was minimal. Some observers believe that the current growth OMG was caused artificially, and expect an emergency course correction.


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