Media: mining farms in China Sichuan cut off from electricity due to energy shortage

The shortage of hydropower in China’s Sichuan province caused a forced shutdown of a number of farms for mining bitcoin. This writes 8btc.

The publication refers to the decision of the local administration. It says that the may the rainy season has still not arrived, causing the water level in the rivers decreased by 20%. This has led to shortage of electricity, while its consumption since the beginning of the month increased by 22%.

Ultimately, the government began to temporarily disable mining farm from the network, in order to avoid shortage of energy. The publication gives comments an employee of one of these farms:

«One of the miners cut off electricity for three days, others allow mine only at night. In areas like Wenchuan, near Sichuan’s capital Chanzu suffer from constant outages, while in remote places like Jane and Cantina, where electricity consumption is low, blackouts occur very rarely».

Last year the rainy season also brought the miners a lot of problems. He began with a delay, but later the rainfall was much above normal. In early July of 2019, the media reported that the flood destroyed several bitcoin farms.

A week ago it became known that the authorities of Sichuan will accelerate the legalization of mining in the region.


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