Ira Kleiman: the Craig Wright have access to 820 000 BTC

Dr. Craig Wright, calling himself the Creator of bitcoin, already has the capability to open an encrypted file which contains the keys to the purse with more than 820 000 BTC. This was stated by the legal team Ira Kleiman, who is suing Wright for this cryptocurrency. The plaintiff is confident that defendant nominal coins in partnership with his late brother Dave Kleiman, RBC Crypto.

Wright denies this, and this is the main reason why he won’t open the encrypted file and pick up bitcoins, sure Kleiman. The reason — it contains evidence of a partnership agreement between the defendant and the deceased.

«The refusal of Wright to open the encrypted file indicates that he knows the contents of the file has records about the partnership between Wright and Dave Kleiman, and that 820 000 BTC are owned by the partners, however, associated with bloccano intellectual property created before the death of Dave», — stated in the materials of the case.

Kleiman added that Wright continually uses false testimony, falsified evidence and misleading documents obstructing business. To confirm this, the team of plaintiff cites four examples, one of which occurred last week. Participating in the hearings, the doctor’s wife may have lied in support of it, as financially dependent on him, and granted the couple the divorce settlement is a fictitious character, sure Kleiman. The trial will continue on 6 July.

In 2018, Wright promised to destroy bitcoin after halving. The doctor planned to bring down the price of coins using the order «the size of an iceberg», opening short positions with leverage. However, reducing the rewards for mining occurred on may 11, the cost of bitcoin has changed slightly, and its network continues to operate without interruption.


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