Experts: cryptocurrency media threatens to lock in Russia on the basis of the new bill

One of the provisions of the new draft law «On digital currency» prohibits the dissemination of information about the issue and the treatment of digital currencies in Russia. Despite the fact that this provision presumably relates to the advertising of ICO, it can be interpreted as a signal to lock the cryptocurrency media, according to respondents ForkLog experts.

Paragraph of the article reads:

«The Russian Federation is prohibited dissemination of information about the organization and (or) the implementation of release, as well as the organization of the circulation of digital currency.»

According to the researcher «society for the protection of the Internet,» Alexander Isavnin, technically, the provision applies to information on tokentalk that, under the new laws actually prohibited in Russia. Cryptocurrency media theoretically may also be subject to this paragraph:

«Cryptocurrency media can be blocked by the principle of «information on illicit activities is equal to the activity itself and the Internet is blocked»», — he said.

That this provision is likely to relate to the media, ForkLog said lawyer Maria Agranovskaya:

«I believe that the risks are. However, in case this is not advertising, the media has the right to write about it, but with the caveat that the publication is not a recommendation. The final version of the bill will differ significantly from current».

This opinion is shared by managing partner of GMT Legal Andrew Tugarin:

«This may be a result of getting into published material information about the companies that will not meet the new requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation».

Vice-President of the National Association of the digital economy Arseniy Poyarkov believes that the media can continue to write about the digital assets, but in the case of adoption of such revisions «will need to avoid wording that could be construed as advertising a current or past editions».

The ban could also be a «step toward isolation of the country,» said a member of the Commission on legal empowerment of the digital economy of the Moscow branch of Association of lawyers of Russia Boris Edidin.

«You cannot forbid conduct research in this field, to analyze trends that are developing in other jurisdictions to discuss at the expert level of technological changes,» he said ForkLog.

Expert scriptrepository Mikhail Tretyak believesthat the ambiguous wording of the regulation potentially threatens absolutely everyone cryptocurrency media:

«The author of any dedicated to the cryptocurrency and its regulation channel to «cap» only news repost that somewhere behind the seven seas released a new cryptocurrency, or that there is some exchange got hacked».

The head of public organization «Roskomsvoboda» Artem Kozlyuk said that in Russia, the Executive bodies in General «is very loosely interpreted and expanded the already harsh laws».

Lock cryptocurrency media in Russia carried out before. At the request of the authorities had blocked the English-language news portal Cointelegraph, Russian Coinspot, forum site and blog about cryptocurrency ProstoCoin.

«Clearly, the prohibition of information on cryptocurrencies and blocking of appropriate sites — it is a violation of the rights of citizens to access and dissemination of information,» said Artyom Kozlyuk.

Secure the prohibition laws will be a major negative factor for the legalization of new technologies and means «fear system,» he said. At the same time, people don’t stop to use the convenient tools of interaction, which are gradually recognized as legal in the world, said Kozluk.

«It is a pity that Russia has high chances to remain on the sidelines of progress in this sector of technology development», — said the head of «Roskomsnab».

We will remind, the Ministry sent several new bills involving the imposition of administrative and criminal liability for violation of the rules of working with digital currencies.

ForkLog previously reportedthat the new package of bills threatens to kill the beginnings of a legal bitcoin businesses in the country and in fact prohibits the use of cryptocurrencies.


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