Co-owner will give control over the resource in the other hand

The administrator and co-owner Cobra is planning to reduce its participation in the life of the project and transfer control of them credible persons.

Without explaining the reasons for his planned departure at the end of the year, Cobra at his recent entry on GitHub has asked the community for help in finding a suitable replacement.

Cobra got administrator rights over the registered in August 2008 by resource in 2011 from founder Satoshi Nakamoto and Marty Malmi, was also among the founders of the original bitcoin code.

Ten years later, Cobra plans to transfer this honorary relay, adding that he «already has some people in mind».

The community responded to this call by proposing several candidates for this role. Among them have made a significant contribution to improving the code of the bitcoin developers will Binns and David. A. Harding and their colleague under the pseudonym Saivann. Other proposed Blockstream co-founder Gregory Maxwell and the current admin section dedicated to wallets, Craig Watkins.

Have Cobra has developed a mixed reputation in the bitcoin community. In 2017 it is proposed to improve the Protocol Proof-of-work first cryptocurrency to counter proposed by miners, the fork SegWit2x.

Looking back, the Cobra in his message added that for many, his decision will be well received.

«I can’t say that I get along with everyone, and some have condemned me for my comments. I hope that my successor will not be involved in the dismantling of which was me. Although, perhaps, in those special days could not be otherwise», — he allowed himself finally to philosophise a little Cobra.

In conclusion, he added that is key to mass distribution of bitcoin, so it is important to continue to work on improving it.

Earlier, the Cobra has declared that does not trust the research of bitcoin who conduct North American universities and companies like Blockstream, because the national security Agency U.S. (NSA), assuming that it is «doing a good job» has entered the bitcoin and other projects with open source.

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