Users of Coinbase Wallet got direct access to the platforms cryptocercidae

The developers Wallet Coinbase announced about the integration of different protocols decentralized Finance (DeFi) in the interface of the purse. Thus earning a passive income on scriptactive much easier.

Previously this feature was implemented through a decentralized browser applications or WalletLink for desktop computers.

«It was not so easy to compare rates or to look at balance sheets from different suppliers», – said the Led Coelho-Prabhu, the head of group of developers Coinbase Wallet.

According to him, now, when these functions are implemented in the interface of the wallet, nothing prevents the clients ‘ assets to start working.

«It is enough to choose a coin for lending, further – the smart contract and the amount you are willing to lend. Further, the cryptocurrency enters into a smart contract and begins to earn interest», – explained the work of the service, a representative of the Coinbase Wallet.

At the moment the option is available for users of wallets for iOS, an update to Android would appear «in coming weeks».

Estimated DeFi Pulse, the sphere of decentralized Finance for the last 2 years has increased by 15 times. In February, the cost is locked in Ethereum DeFi-applications exceeded $1 billion.

However, DeFi-the application is still not devoid of weaknesses. Read a special investigation on what the lessons taught by the market of decentralized Finance «black Thursday».


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