The best podcasts about the stock market

The article will look at a selection of the most popular podcasts on cryptocurrency, news, market, mining, the technical analysis and trading. Keep in mind that all podcasts in English, so it is also a great way to pump listening skills.

Let’s talk bitcoin

Format: news, reviews, analysis, interviews, Analytics

Frequency: One to two episodes per month

This is more than a podcast. Launched in 2013, the Let’s Talk Bitcoin ‘s show the bitcoin enthusiast Adam Levine has morphed into a platform for criptoportico. Now it is possible to listen to 15 podcasts on the blockchain and the crypto industry. If too lazy to read further, go to the platform: material will be enough for the eyes.

Off the Chain

Format: Interview

Frequency: One episode in a week

The presenter of this podcast was none other than Anthony Pompliano — co-founder Morgan Creek Digital, and one of the most famous people in the industry. Probably he is the most popular podcast on the cryptocurrency. Pompliano invites not only of eminent people of the crypto industry, but investors on wall Street to see what they think about digital assets. He is not afraid of difficult questions and seeks to expose bitcoin as a panacea for all the ills in the world.

Unchained and Uncotfirmed

Format: news, interviews

Frequency: one episode in a week

Leading podcast Laura Shin, a former Forbes editor and one of the first cryptoendoliths. She leads two of the podcast. Unchained — hour weekly podcast with guest experts and a deep immersion in the subject. Theme interviews go beyond the crypto-industry and relate to the impact of technology on our lives: from financial services to healthcare and the Internet of things. Uncotfirmed — weekly 20-minute podcast with a discussion of the major reason and insights of the week. Unconfirmed — one of the best criptoportico for those who prefer a short and digestible content, rather than long conversations.

Bad Crypto Podcast

Format: news, reviews, interviews

Frequency: Three episodes in a week

The podcast goes from mid-2017. His lead digital marketers Joel Comm and Travis Wright. The guys talk about cryptography carefree, fun, witty, easy-going, but in the case. In-depth analysis of the cascade of the jargon and trading terms here not hear. But if you want a light but useful conversation about the crypt on the way to work or the best podcast not found. KOMM and Wright are also the blog.


Format: news, reviews, interviews

Frequency: Two episodes in a week

Crypto101 is one of the leaders in our collection. He has a rating of 4.5 and 500+ reviews on Apple Podcast. Leading Aaron «PizzaMind» Malone and Bryce Paul. Malone is an expert on data analysis, co-founder and system architect in a mining company A-B Engineering, author of two books, and half prominent kryptospace. Presenters are trying to educate the layman about the benefits of the blockchain and keep it up to date with the latest industry news, much attention is paid Aldona. If you play chess, you can challenge the Bryce Floor — his nickname stratocaster4 (Yes, he is a fan of guitars).

What Bitcoin Did

Format: Interview

Frequency: Two episodes in a week

Presenter Peter McCormack , the prominent crypto-enthusiast, with 76 000 followers on Twitter. Editions built in the format of interviews with experts in the crypto industry. Among the guests McCormack was Nick Szabo, Adam Beck, Charlie Shrem and Andreas Antonopoulos. Topics often go beyond the crypto-industry and affect, for example, cannabis industry, censorship or libertarianism. To several themes the author returns constantly and record interviews with different people: for example, the hacking of Mt.Gox or the arrest of Ross Ulbricht. The podcast is also unique in that McCormack publicly reports all revenues and expenditures shows and advertisers. This allows the students to be confident in the impartiality of the presenter and absence of conflict of interest. Also, McCormack is another podcast Defiance about public issues and civil society. At the beginning of March at podcast appeared also YouTube channel.

Blockchain Insider

Format: news, reviews, interviews

Frequency: Two episodes in a month

This is a project of the English company leading, Simon Taylor and Colin Platt. Twice a month they are guests within hours apart the latest news crypto-industry and Finance, or one of the problems in the market. A podcast is distinguished by trivial matters, a sense of humor the leading and spot-on British accent. Almost BBC, but with a twinkle and about the cryptocurrency.


Format: news, reviews, interviews, Analytics

Frequency: One episode every day

CoinDesk, is the best edition of the cryptocurrency. Several of his journalists produce their podcasts which discuss current market news, or invite experts on the topic. This high-quality financial journalism, which necessarily must follow. If you do not know what the author of the podcast to start the listen Nathaniel Whittmore.

The Scoop

Format: news, reviews, interviews

Frequency: One episode in a week

This is a podcast of Frank Chaparro, editor of popular publications on The cryptocurrency Block. Light and witty conversation professional with prominent representatives of the crypto-industry insiders and fresh ideas podcast, how it should be.

Untold Stories

Format: news, reviews, interviews

Frequency: Two episodes in a week

Presenter Charlie Shrem is an American entrepreneur, bitcoin enthusiast and the man of hard destiny. He founded the exchange BitInstant, and was one of the founders of the Bitcoin Foundation. In 2014 he was sentenced to two years in prison for money laundering through the darknet platform Silk Road. In prison, with the mediation of Roger Faith, he ceased to communicate with the blockchain community. After his release in 2017 became the operations officer for crypto Jaxx, and founded a consulting company CryptoIQ. This rich experience is reflected in the podcast: Shrem asking deep questions to the guests and himself well versed in the topics of discussion. Much attention is also paid to the personal life of the guests.


Format: news, reviews, analysis, Analytics

Frequency: Two episodes in a week

Feed author Omar Bhanu — crypto-enthusiast, early investor, Ethereum-miner. He has a popular Twitter, an interesting Instagram and YouTube channel, as all the major social networks. In the podcast he talks about the latest news of the market, the technical analysis and makes related projects. It manages not to repeat the content of his YouTube channel. Omar actively invests in cryptocurrency, so the case is trying to look purely practical.

The Bitcoin Podcast Network

Format: news, reviews, analysis, Analytics

Frequency: One episode in a week

The project top 5: Demetric — business consultant; Dr. Corey petty — blockchain-Explorer, doctor in chemical physics, head of security; Colleen — computer scientist, chief technologist at Dynamo Technologies, and Jesse — robotics and Ethereum developer, Lucian — software engineer and entrepreneur. Initially the project was conceived only as a Bitcoin Podcast, but eventually United under his auspices several podcasts, for example, Hashing It Out. The result is a unique blend of genres. Among the guests as cryptobuddy, and distant from industry people like athletes and musicians. Highly recommended!

Crypto Marketing

Format: Marketing

Frequency: two to four episodes per month

The podcast is conducted under the guidance of marketing blockchain Agency Coinbound, senior Daniel Smith is the founder Coinbound and marketing agencies Cannabound working with cannabis companies. Editions understand topics cryptoproctina. Examples of topics: how to cryptoprocta to use Pinterest or Instagram, how to choose a CRM and behave in Twitter. Releases only 5 to 15 minutes, all on business, without water. It will be interesting even to those who don’t think about promoting their own blockchain project.


Format: Education, reviews, interviews

Frequency: two to four episodes per month

Educational podcast with the four leaders. They invite experts and together with them is fun, meticulously, but in plain language considering the basic concepts of the stock market, dismantle the projects and exchange technologies. Goal the team puts a podcast to help pass the integration of blockchain in our daily lives smoothly and quickly as possible.

The Epicenter

Format: Interview, news, reviews, education

Frequency: One episode in a week

One of the oldest criptoportico, launched in 2013 with co-host Brian Fabian Crane and Sebastian Couture. During this time it downloaded over 4 million times. Later, their Duo was joined by scientist Maher Roy, Sunny Aggarwal and Frederic Ernst. Leading invited speakers, members of the industry, programmers, scientists and entrepreneurs and talk to them about the technical, economic and social impact of the use of the cryptocurrency and the blockchain. Easy and fun to deconstruct complex topics — they skate.

Beards & Bitcoins

Format: news, reviews, interviews

Frequency: One episode in a week

Leading BitBoy and Jchains — guys with great beards and a love of cryptocurrency. They are proud that unlike most members of the crypto community, not botany. Reviews of market news and projects sponsors of the podcast mixed with conversations about men’s simple joys: football, BBQ, motorcycles, and sports. With your guests BitBoy and Jchains, too, try to talk not only about the blockchain — it turns out useful, interesting and fun. In addition to the podcast from BitBoy is a private news project

Ledger Cast

Format: news, analysis, reviews, interviews

Frequency: One episode in a week

The podcast is conducted in 2017. Most of the content focuses on technical analysis, altonah and applied questions such as the taxation or protection of the purse. Leading Josh Olszewicz and Brian Krogsgard prominent blockchain speakers with a large number of followers on Twitter. Krogsgard an experienced investor, he sells the shares for 15 years, since high school — his trading horizon is much broader ideas about the market ordinary capturadora.

Bitcoin Knowledge

Format: Interview, education

Frequency: One episode in the quarter

Host of the podcast trace Mayer — the holder of degrees in accounting and law. This podcast started them already in 2009. Early releases came out 2-4 times a month, now once a quarter. The format is simple: expert interviews and analysis of the latest cryptocurrency news. The material has a depth and elaboration of issues — after all, the lead guy on the street, and the doctor of Sciences.

Crypto Entrepreneurs

Format: Interview, talking about cryptobytes

Frequency: One to two episodes per week

Podcast for those who want to build their own cryptobytes or to get rich at the auction. Presenter Charles invites entrepreneurs in the field of blockchain and asks them about all the intricacies of business in this industry. Also a big emphasis leading makes on how to become a successful trader. Podcast launched last year, but has already established itself as a sensible, informative and entertaining project.

Crypto Conversation

Format: Interview, news

Frequency: Two episodes in a week

The podcast edition of Brave New Coin, which leads the journalist Andy Pickering. Andy is a great interviewer, he talks to people in determining the future of bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency. In addition to discussing news presenter pays a lot of attention to how developing cryptococcal changing the world.


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