Study: «traditional» firms will push the cryptocurrency market to a substantial increase in

The market of digital assets is on the verge of significant growth, a catalyst which will act as a trading company, working with traditional Finance. To such conclusion analysts of company Acuiti the result of a survey conducted with the participation of the bitcoin exchange Bitstamp and the Chicago Mercantile exchange (CME Group).

In the study involved companies specializing in the trade as the traditional Finance and digital currencies, as well as service providers in the field of trading.

The results of the report demonstrated a low level of adoption of digital assets – at the time of such cryptocurrencies as bitcoin and Ether, and sell less than one-fifth the traditional firms.

At the same time was marked by increasing demand – many companies either want to enter the cryptocurrency market, or to expand on it, to get the opportunity to trade a large number of assets.

Among those firms that decided to abandon the trading of digital assets, 97% intend to return to this issue in the period up to the next two years, 45% plan to do so within six months.

«We have identified two major watershed in the current market of cryptocurrency trading. The first runs between the firms operating with traditional Finance, and companies specializing in cryptocurrency trading. Traditional firms that traded the digital assets most likely to limit their presence in the traditional markets bitcoin derivatives markets such as CME, while specializing in cryptocurrency firms trading in wider markets», — commented the results of the study and the founder and managing Director of Acuiti will Mitting.

At the same time, he added, there is a mismatch between the demand for the increased presence in the market of digital assets and the willingness or ability of service providers in the field of trading to offer such access.

One of the key observations of the researchers was that of the company, trading in numerous markets, were more profitable than those companies that limit their presence one or two platforms.

It was said to be in Acuiti, explains the demand for a wider range of proposals, but most service providers are reluctant to offer market access, which remains largely unregulated.

Some exchanges, for example, Bitstamp, has received a license allowing them to conduct activities in the territory of the European Union as a payment service provider, or the appropriate license in the state of new York (Regulations). To stimulate further growth in this market needs initiatives aimed at creating a clearer regulatory structure in the US, EU and UK, say the researchers.

«The future of trading digital assets is likely to be fragmented – the opportunities to create as the structure of the market and market movement. CME and traditional derivatives markets will exist in parallel with regulated exchanges digital assets, creating a dynamic market for trading», he added, will Mitting.

Recall that in late 2019 Grayscale Investments, the researchers found that despite conventional wisdom about the dominance of men in the bitcoin industry, 43% interested in first cryptocurrency investors are women.


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