Brave new world: ForkLog will hold an online conference on risks and opportunities crisis 2020 for bitcoin

On April 11 ForkLog Live will host a six-hour online conference «the Digital middle ages» dedicated to the new wave of the digital revolution and the role of distributed systems and crypto-currencies in the process. About 15 speakers (economists, developers, miners, representatives of exchanges, and Analytics) will discuss the main challenges to peace and industry in crisis and pandemics.

You can become a sponsor of the conference by contacting the sales Department via ForkLog or Telegram — @baverlast.

If you want to become a speaker, please contact

The conference consists of four blocks:

I block will be in the form of a panel discussion. The speakers will talk about the lifehacks for blockchain-business and holders of the cryptocurrency to continue working in a pandemic, and quarantine, as well as about prospects of development of the market and the global economy after the crisis of 2020.

Block II focuses on digital sovereignty: how governments control the citizens via the Internet, how to maintain privacy in the current environment and how to protect yourself from intensified cyber criminals.

In the framework of the III unit the speakers will discuss the impact of the global crisis on the mining industry and explain what is happening with hasraton bitcoin and what to expect from halinga.

The fourth block is devoted to the future economy and the role of bitcoin in the process. The speakers will talk about how the economy «printing press», why Central banks own digital currencies and how they differ from coins of the corporations like Libra and sustainable if the bitcoin economy to «black swans.»

The speakers included Alexander Yakovlev (NSD), Vitaly MC (BitCluster), Ivan Maslov (Bitfury), the developer of the protocols of consensus Andrey Sobol, Matthew European roller (Madfish.Solutions), a bitcoin enthusiast Andrew the Great, Anatoly Knyazev (Exante), Artem Eremin (3logic), Dmitry Ushakov (Bitriver), bitcoin Evangelist Stepan Gershuni and many others.

To discuss the conference in Telegram channel @ForkShow.

What are the risks and what are the chances of a financial crisis brings to the cryptocurrency industry, can be found in the exclusives ForkLog.


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