has hired a team of EOS New York and invested $150 million in the social network Voice

Behind the EOS project company reported on the involvement in its ranks one of the first manufacturers of power team EOS New York. In addition, further development by investing $150 million and will receive based on the individual implementation of the EOS social network Voice.

To employees already eliminated blocks manufacturer EOS New York the following tasks:

1) to encourage the transition network EOS in a more open, organized and decentralized state;
2) to improve communication with the public blockchain communities;
3) to represent the Block.One as holder of the token in number of projects

EOS New York is known as vocal critics of the problems of centralization of the network. In November of last year, they requested the deletion of the six manufacturers of power EIS because of the connection with one command.

«The founders of the manufacturer of the units Rick Schlesinger and Kevin rose – one of the first followers public network and EOS were among the leaders in the interactions of its members and the development ecosystem,» – said in a blog

Investments in the amount of $150 million in Voice focused on the functioning of social networks as an independent company. Earlier has already sent the same amount on the development of the project.

Currently, Voice is in beta stage and uses a separate implementation of the Protocol EOSIO instead of the public blockchain EOS.

«Voice is a real marketplace content, where the user controls the types of content to promote. The platform is designed so that users KYC with real ID, were responsible to each other», – explained the advantages of the platform CDO Salah Zalatimo.

It is assumed that during its activity the users Voice will be able to receive awards in the native tokens of the platform, using them to promote posts.

We will remind, recently technical Director of Dan Larimer has shared details of future updates to the Protocol EOS.IO, designed to optimize the use of network resources.


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