Binance is preparing the release of a private crypto-payment card

Exchange cryptocurrency Binance, presumably, is developing its own cryptocurrency payment card. This information leads The Block with which the respective link was shared close to the exchange the source.

At presents information on Binance Card – «crypto-debit card to the world.» According to the description, users will be able to download cryptocurrencies in the wallet Binance Card and spend them at any point that support payment via VISA system. The information about available crypto-currencies on the page are given.

Domain was registered on 22 January 2020 and is attributed to the Australian company Moon Tech Pty Ltd. The company appeared in the register of legal entities on 22 February.

The site also has a privacy policy with information concerning the processing of personal data of the user.

«You can provide this information to us directly or by logging in through a third party service, including (but not limited to) your account on Binance,» reads a text message.

Website visitors are invited to sign up to among the first to access the wallet Binance Card when it «will be available in your country». No form to enter data on the page no.

Presented on the site map image similar to that which was used in November, when Binance announced the beginning of cooperation with the online booking platform TravelbyBit, in which will be launched crypto-payment card for travellers, but without the logo last.

In April 2019, a private crypto-payment card issued exchange Coinbase. It is available in 29 European countries and allows you to expend assets in 10 digital currencies, including bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and DAI.

UPD: Binance published an official press release in which it confirmed information about the development of the map.

According to the publication, users will be able to recharge the card via a dedicated application in bitcoin or Binance Coin. During the calculations a map of assets will be automatically debited from the wallet.

Currently Binance Card is in beta version and is available as a virtual card, and the material option, the company promises to release soon. It is expected that with time it will become available to users Binance all over the world. Initially the map will be in Malaysia, then Vietnam.

To receive notification about the availability of cards in the user’s country, you must leave a request on the page The cost of issuing the cards will be $15. Monthly or annual maintenance fee do not apply. Information about the fees for card transactions and currency conversion the company does not.

CEO Binance Changban Zhao shared a video where they showed the map in action.


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