TON Community Foundation can start a network without the participation of the company’s Telegram

Organization THANK Community Foundation, consisting of dozens of developers and investors considering the launch of blockchain Telegram Open Network (TON) without the participation of the Telegram. This writes CoinDesk.

«We seriously think about it,» said the organization’s founder and a former communications Manager TON Labs Fedor Skuratov. Currently, the community is discussing the options, the final decision is still pending, he added.

According to Skuratov, all the necessary code to run a TON already. Community only need to create the zero block and connect at least 13 validators.

«Strictly speaking, no additional measures to launch a TON from the community is not required, but consent of the community. But to get recognition, we will have to negotiate with investors, at least most of them,» he added.

TON Labs has organized a parallel private test network. Telegram introduced code to run gcd in September and gradually laid out the new elements after the commencement of proceedings with the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC).

In addition, the question is what to do with the tokens that are at the stage of opening it was planned to distribute to investors and the command Telegram. The right node requires a certain number of tokens, so before you start to distribute they need.

One of the investors on condition of anonymity said that now half of investors want to receive a refund on any terms, while others hope that the Telegram would find a way to produce tokens. Investors can expect a return of only 72% of the investment, however, in a crisis, many of them probably will be satisfied.


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