The tone Weiss: the Probability of bitcoin fall below $3800 is equal to 20-25%

The well-known trader Tone Weiss is confident that with the current quotations of bitcoin is the probability of falling below the recent low of $3800 is 20-25%.

Even less likely to collapse to such mark is the first cryptocurrency in the case of overcoming the level of $6800 is only 15%.

«The exit is above the level of $6800 will give me 85% sure that we will not go below this level [$3800]. We’re almost there, almost punched him,» said Weiss.

Bitcoin today overcame called the trader level, but did not deter him, and at the time of writing the price is about $6600 (data CoinGecko).

Investors wishing to enter the market, Weiss advised not to rely on a new fall in the price of the leading cryptocurrency.

«All this means that I can’t wait. You can’t wait for another pullback to $3500 and should be in bitcoin now,» he said.

Note that according to Weiss, the quotes back bitcoin to $10 000 available in the coming months.


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