Chanpen Zhao: the Inclusion of the printing press of the fed will lead to a rise BTC to $100 000

The steps of the American leadership to improve the situation in the economy could trigger a rise in value of bitcoin. This view holds CEO exchange Binance of Chanpen Zhao.

He posted in Twitter that commented on the decision of the US authorities to inject into the financial sector trillions of dollars.

About the readiness of the Federal reserve system to provide support for economy $4 trillion, told journalists the Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin. He stressed that the U.S. Congress is likely to support the initiative of the government, and the business will receive the necessary funds for increasing production.

Chanpen Zhao recalled that the inclusion of the printing press of the Federal reserve has systematically increased the bitcoin exchange rate. so if we see a huge infusion of capital into the economy, that 1 BTC can reach $100 000. In this case, the capitalization of bitcoin could reach $2 trillion.

CEO Binance reminded that the lion’s share of the cryptocurrency is controlled by the so-called cholerae that don’t sell it during the fall in the value of BTC. It is not excluded that part of the capital issued by the fed, will be sent to cryptosphere.

Many Twitter users are skeptical about the statement Zhao. Some even said that it’s a bad joke or even kind of sell signal.

At the time of publication the exchange rate of bitcoin stood at around $6638, the market capitalization of the largest cryptocurrency now is just over $184,383 billion.


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