Acne Buterin called for the establishment of a decentralized exchange for bitcoin and Ethereum

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin considers it necessary to have «real» decentralized exchange (DEX) to exchange bitcoin and ETH.

In his opinion, it should be uniservity platform that does not require trust with the user interface, such Uniswap.

«It’s a shame that we still can’t easily navigate between the two largest cryptocurrency ecosystems», — said Buterin.

Owners of bitcoins would like to use this exchanger because it will be able to use the dApps on Ethereum database, including the field of DeFi, smart contracts, and other functions, he said.

Buterin also called for the establishment of decentralized bridges between Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. According to him, he discussed with the co-founder zcash for Zuko.

«I think we both can work harder to translate the talk into action. I would like to see more,» added Buterin.

In comments to the tweet users have noticed that there are already DEX, with the possibility of ETH on other cryptocurrencies, such as Nash or Bancor. Latest in November last year launched a cross platform trading between the tokens of EOS networks and Ethereum.

Recall that in this month Buterin presented a road map for Ethereum in the next 5-10 years.


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