Mike Novogratz: «VelociRaptor» will not hinder the growth of bitcoin

Founder of Galaxy Digital Mike Novogratz still convinced that bitcoin this year will rally. It is reported Bloomberg.

He said the recent large drop in the cryptocurrency market offensive, «VelociRaptor» comparing the significant volatility with a predatory dinosaur.

However, the Novogratz convinced that the current situation on the financial market and favorable to bitcoins.

«If ever there was a time when worthless Fiat currency and monetize trillions of dollars in debt — then it is time for bitcoins» — he said.

Novogratz also believes in further price increase of bitcoin and stressed that the cryptocurrency was designed to be an alternative when Central banks «out of control».

Recall, SEO Galaxy Digital has already statedthat coronavirus triggered by the global economic crisis will be a time of breakthrough the first cryptocurrency.


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