Winnick accused the US of wanting to use it as a weapon against Russia

Is suspected of laundering at least $4 billion through the bitcoin exchange BTC-e Russian Alexander Vinnik has prepared an official statement to judicial investigators. In it he accused the French authorities in the brutal attitude and insisted on his own innocence, informs «RIA Novosti».

According to him, law enforcement authorities restrict the ability to communicate not only with lawyers but also with his family.

«I am forbidden to communicate with my lawyers, I am not allowed to call them, and they were deprived of the opportunity to see and chat with me. The lack of communication with my family causes me extreme anxiety and constitutes inhuman treatment», — he said.

The Russians also convinced that his extradition to France is illegal, and his prosecution is political in nature:

«The real reason of my detention was not illegal behavior, and my technological skills, which the United States wants to use me as a hostage and a weapon against my country, Russia. It is a political persecution».

Winnick insists that information about it was provided in Russian, not in French. In addition, in a statement he stressed that he still does not know the specific accusations against him.

«I believe that the treatment to which I was subjected, and the continued denial of my rights, and obstruction of communication with my lawyers present an organized strategy to pressure intended to force me to give up my rights. I think it’s the pressure of illegal and repeated that they want to use all my rights», — concluded winnick.

We will remind, the Russian extradited from Greece to France at the end of January. A few days later, a court in Paris decidedthat the Russians should be held for «security reasons».


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