The rate of XRP at BitMEX have experienced instant collapse to $0,13. Users have reported the loss of funds

The ongoing volatility of bitcoin, the possible, and attracts the attention of traders, but not less interesting events could be observed on Thursday, February 13, markets XRP. So, on the derivatives exchange BitMEX result in the instant collapse rate of the token at some point has fallen in price almost 60%, dropping to $0,13.

During the sharp collapse of the price of the index XRP, which is formed on the data exchanges Bitstamp, Coinbase and Kraken, deviated only by a few points. However some traders said that the system of stop losses on BitMEX has not worked, what positions were eliminated, and they lost all funds.

In comments to the record of the affected trader his claims, however, were put in doubt many other users stop losses worked in normal mode.

Suspected cause of the incident is the low liquidity of the market XRPUSD that BitMEX launched last week.

As noted by NewsBTC, to avoid sudden liquidations BitMEX uses the so-called «fair pricing» when in cases of manipulation of prices, low liquidity or high volatility instead of the last price a «fair price».

Comments from representatives of BitMEX to this point has been received, the price of XRP has risen to values around $0,325.


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