SBI Crypto will mine bitcoins on the largest farm in Texas

A subsidiary of Japanese financial giant SBI Holdings announced a strategic partnership with the German mining company Northern Data AG. In the framework of SBI Crypto will be one of the first residents of the new data center Whinstone US, potentially the largest in the world.

In the holding structure SBI Crypto is engaged in the mining business. In addition, the partners have identified other areas of cooperation, including the development of the blockchain infrastructure projects and software development.

Also SBI Crypto is considering buying shares in the German company.

In November last year, the Northern Data absorbed the American company Whinstone US, which built the Texas data center for mining bitcoin with a capacity of 1 GW and an area of 57 soccer fields. Its first stage capacity of 300 MW will be opened by March 2020.

According to the CEO of SBI Crypto Carson Smith, participation in joint projects with Northern Data and Whinstone US mining operations in Texas firm had planned since early last year.

Recall that in the structure of the Japanese financial conglomerate operates a cryptocurrency exchange, through SBI Crypto Investment, another subsidiary invests in startups industry of digital currencies. 2016 SBI Holdings has partnered with FINTECH company that Ripple through a joint venture SBI Ripple Asia.


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