On KuCoin added support for ruble deposits

Cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin this Friday announced the addition of support for deposits in Russian rubles.

The solution was implemented in collaboration with the service of the Simplex whose services the clients KuCoin could use before for depositing dollars and other currencies. To Deposit you need to go to the page «Buy Crypto with credit card», select the desired digital and Fiat currency, and then follow the instructions provided by Simplex.

Informed to actively expand its support of the ruble exchange beginning Binance. So, for the last time, she launched a peer-to-peer auction with the Russian currency and added service Payeer to Deposit/withdrawing Fiat assets in addition to the already existing platform techniques, including Simplex. Simplex, however, is one of the least profitable methods of purchasing cryptocurrency for Fiat on Binance.

KuCoin, a popular exchange in the heyday of the ICO, noticeably lost ground in the market. According to CoinMarketCap, it takes only 70-e a place among all platforms for the exchange of cryptocurrencies in terms of trading volume.

The day before, about adding Russian language support announced by the exchange Poloniex.


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