Chainalysis: the Cryptocurrency is not necessary neither complete anonymity nor transparency

Analytical company Chainalysis supports neither complete anonymity nor complete transparency of cryptocurrency transactions, and proposes to adhere to «Golden mean».

Despite the fact that Chainalysis monitors suspicious transactions scriptactive, and the company used the IRS and FBI, Chainalysis has nothing against privacy and decentralization of cryptocurrency.

Co-founder and COO Chainalysis Jonathan Levine (Jonathan Levin) believes that even the absolute transparency of cryptocurrency transactions will not be able to prevent illegal transactions. Regulators and competent authorities in any case have to keep track of illegal transactions.

Levine said that the full anonymity and full transparency have their drawbacks. On the one hand, if the transactions are absolutely confidential, it is «untie the hands» of crooks and criminals who will skillfully cover his tracks, and such transactions cannot be traced. On the other hand, absolute transparency constitute an invasion of personal space, so Levin recommends that you do not go to extremes.

Speaking for the preservation of confidentiality, co-founder Chainalysis announced that the company is not yet able to fully track all of the coins in transactions with cryptocurrencies confidential, but Chainalysis conducts a lot of research. Levin added that the majority of cryptocurrency transactions are conducted in the public block chain of Bitcoin and Ethereum. At the same time, according to analyst firm Elliptic, confidential cryptocurrency XMR and DASH are increasingly gaining momentum, despite the fact that darknet is dominated by transactions with bitcoin.

Note that this week with Chainalysis began to cooperate, the Issuer of tokens Tether, connecting the tool Know Your Transaction to combat money laundering and AML compliance.


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