Balaji Srinivasan: Bitcoin likely to overcome the mark of $100,000

The rate of Bitcoin will overcome the mark of $100,000 now with even greater probability, was written by the former technical Director of cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbase Balaji Srinivasan in his Twitter account. According to him, in favor of the repeated rise in price first cryptocurrency says the growth of its price above $10,000, although it seemed unbelievable 10 years ago, according to RBC Crypto.

«In 2009, it was unthinkable that the exchange rate BTC will cross $100 thousand But under condition that BTC is already over $10 thousand, it is very likely that its price will be able to overcome and $100 thousand,» said Srinivasan.

In addition, he compared the first cryptocurrency with the coronavirus. Srinivasan believes that, on 1 December, when the disease soon began to spread, it was unlikely the increase in the number of infected up to 100 thousand Now, when their number exceeded 10 thousand, an increase of 10 times it seems predictable, said the former technical Director.

The price increase of Bitcoin also expects analyst and founder Bloсkroots Josh Rager. In his opinion, the price of cryptocurrency will rise to $11 400-11 550, if you can overcome the resistance levels at $10 761 and $11 000.

In this case, the next target for the rate of Bitcoin will be around $13 800, the analyst added. But he noted that a major impediment to the appreciation of the coins will be a cluster of sell orders of an asset located on $12 000.

The fall in the price of Bitcoin said the founder of the platform TheBirbNest and trader CryptoBirb. In his Twitter account, he published the first chart of cryptocurrency, showing that her course was deviated from the trend line. Probably he would come back and protest the level of $8250-8600, and then continue to rise to a new high, predicted an entrepreneur.

Since late January there has been a sharp increase in requests «to buy Bitcoin» in Google. Trader The Moon suggested that this suggests the inflow into the cryptocurrency market new investors and will help home digital coin to imitate up to $20 000.


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