Rapper Akon will create a «cryptogram» in Africa. The city itself and its digital currency will be called in honor at eikon

American rapper Liam of Damala Badara Akon Thiam better known as Akon (Akon), will build «the world’s first cryptogram» in Senegal. Call the city in honor of the artist — Akon city and settlements on its territory are to be made in the digital currency Akoin.

The Senegalese authorities have provided Akono official permission for the construction of the city, as he said in his Twitter.

About plans of creation of own «cryptoguard» Akon said last year. Then he stressed that the main feature of the new city will be that he «100% will be based on cryptocurrency».

It is expected that the digital currency singer Akoin will start at the beginning of July. The construction of the city, obviously, will take much more time.

«The construction will take a decade, so we’re doing it in stages. We started building in March 2019, the second phase will be in 2025», — said Akon in an interview.

Akon believes that the new technology will help the people of Africa to gain more independence from the authorities.

Recall that Akon is not the only one who thinks that Africa is ready for the introduction of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. Earlier, the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey expressed his belief that the future of bitcoin largely depends on African countries.


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