The court ordered the Telegram to disclose banking data of the clients participating in the ICO

Federal judge Kevin Castel ordered that the Telegram revealed banking credentials by February 26, according to the Finance Magnates.

Now Telegram must also submit a plan for consideration of the requested data, and the court does not intend to change the date.

Note that last week the court dismissed the petition of the Commission on securities and stock exchanges (SEC) of the United States to disclose information about banking operations Telegram Group Inc and TON Issuer Inc. According to the lawyer of the Telegram, thus the SEC is trying to find dirt on the company.

In addition, the Telegram argued that this information falls under «foreign data protection laws». What SEC said

«Telegram does not even mention the names of foreign countries whose laws can be applied, and does not indicate specific legislation on data privacy».

In addition, the SEC provided evidence that the Telegram was selling tokens Gram after ICO. According to the accounts of the company Da Vinci Capital sold the tokens for $ 2 million to Fund ITI Funds June 20, 2018 July 2 — the firm Goliat Solutions of 7.2 million euros and Space Investments for $ 4.5 million, according to the Commission. These deals are passed after ICO.


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