In the last 12 hours there were several large transactions from the bitcoin whales

In the last 12 hours the bot Whale Alert on Twitter, which tracks major cryptocurrency transactions, reported a several bitcoin transactions between crypto currency exchange Binance and several unidentified wallets:

Thus, it was found that of Binance on unknown wallets gone transaction in the amount of 2534, 982 and 984 BTC, and the exchange transactions have been posted in the amount of 2213 and 1100 BTC.

Interestingly, in the above three transactions from an unknown wallet was the same address: 15HnxQHZ9yPoZffrrhwYQTradFgPkWVDu7.

The total amount of transactions amounted to about $63 560 000. Some investors now fear that such movements could lead to another reduction in the price of bitcoin.

However, it should be noted that at this time, the active was not only Binance – large bitcoin transactions have also been associated with OKEx and Coinbase. For example, one transaction in BTC 838 was sent from Coinbase to OKEx, and the other two transaction of 1000 BTC were sent from Coinbase and OKEx on unknown wallets.

One of the Twitter users in the thread comments has noticed that these large transactions did not affect the price of bitcoin:


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