Did jasinowski: Justin San will allocate 1 million to buy TRX Troll

Founder of TRON Justin San has said it is ready to hire a Troll for promoting coins.

A supporter of bitcoin Udi Wertheimer complained that San unlike Consensys and Ethereum Foundation does not pay its trolls for advertising their own cryptocurrency. And Justin San asked the address of his TRX-wallet:

«Yes! It is unfair and not jasinowski! Let’s fix that — give me the address of your TRON-purse , and I will send you 1 million TRX».

However, partners do not explicitly agree on the price, since Udi Wertheimer believes that «doing his job much better than some trolls,» he requested 3 million TRX.

However, he pointed out, what did Sana discount friendship, because usually takes for their «services» much more.

Other users also decided to participate in an improvised distribution of cryptocurrencies and began to send addresses of their purses, as well as requests to Udi Wertheimer to share the reward. By the way, some managed to scrounge a branded hoodie and a backpack TRON.

At the time of writing the price of the cryptocurrency TRON is at $0,015 per coin, thus promised by the San reward for a Troll is around $15 thousand.

Previously, Justin San expressed the desire to maintain an ecological activist Greta Thunberg and the allocation of the $1 million.


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