Diamonds, yachts, planes: What can you buy with bitcoins?

Today, cryptocurrency is the same payment instrument as Fiat money. And if ten years ago a bitcoin could buy, except that pizza and a glass of coke, now cryptomelane you can pay for the purchase of luxury yachts or villas on the beach. We present the top 5 products, which you can spend your bitcoins.

Property in UAE

Recently one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges Huobi announced the launch of a partnership with high-tech real estate Agency Fäm Properties. The exchange intends to offer customers a secure cryptocurrency payments for the purchase of property in Dubai. The main means of payment will bitcoin and Ethereum.

Recall that Huobi has received a license from the Dubai multi-component center, which confirmed the legality and safety of transactions for the purchase of real estate. As stated by the co-founder of Huobi OTC Mohit Davar, if someone wants to buy property in Dubai for the cryptocurrency, the exchange will act as an intermediary in the transaction, i.e., sell cryptomonad holder, and Fäm Properties will transfer Fiat money.

CEO fäm Properties Feras al Maddy stressed that such a partnership opens new frontiers and prospects for the property market in Dubai and the UAE in General. Now holders of cryptocurrencies can effectively invest in one of the most efficient and quickly developing real estate markets in the world.

On the same principle it is possible to buy a property in USA, Netherlands, Costa Rica and even in Russia. For example, an area of 2 million square meters, is located in the Novosibirsk region, will cost 43 PTS.


More car dealers in the world offer their customers the ability to pay with cryptocurrency. As a rule, to pay cybermonday possible for luxury cars. Cars of the middle and lower class, yet are sold only for Fiat money, but with time and the cars in this segment also can be purchased with bitcoin.

For example, the Czech trademark Alza portal offers its customers to pay for goods with bitcoins. Here you can buy luxury models of electric cars production Tesla or BMW with bitcoin. If the buyer wants to cancel the purchase and return the money, then the full amount will be returned in CZK.

In Russia, official dealers do not accept payment in bitcoins, but for kryptonite you can buy used cars for There are several dozen advertisements about selling cars for bitcoins.

Jewels and diamonds

One of the largest manufacturers of jewelry with precious stones and diamonds of the company Samer Halimeh New York stated that it is willing to accept payment for their wares in bitcoin. Where to buy exclusive jewelry for the cryptocurrency can both private customers and legal entities.

Executive Director Samer Halimas said that the company was the first distributor who accepts payment in bitcoins. This decision was not just. Jewelers see huge prospects of cryptocurrency and I think it is one of the most advantageous payment assets.

Denison Yacht Yachting

Denison Yachting actively sell their yachts and catamarans with bitcoin. The first deal was made in 2017. Then the buyer of the virgin Islands, bought a catamaran Leopard with bitcoin. An intermediary in the transaction acted crypto currency exchange Coinbase. On the company’s official website reported that to pay for the purchase of any vessel is possible with cryptocurrencies BTC and BCH.

Private jet

Yes, that’s right. To acquire a bitcoin you can even own a plane. Manufacturer of aircraft, SkyCraft said it was willing to accept payment for products in bitcoins. SkyCraft SD-1 Minisport is the first plane that you can buy for bitcoins. At the rate of 2020, this ship will cost about 200 PTS.

In addition, for the cryptocurrency you can buy various gadgets, to pay the tuition in universities, dine in a nice restaurant and even to buy a round the world tour. As you can see, the cryptocurrency becomes a full-fledged means of payment, and will soon become more popular than Fiat currency.


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