Bitcoin exchange Kraken will start the expansion on the Russian market with derivatives

American cryptocurrency exchange Kraken will expand its presence in the Russian market. For the organization of work with the local community Futures Kraken has partnered with former CEO of cryptocurrency futures exchange ICBIT Aleksey Bragin.

The news appeared on the website of the Kraken at the end of December, though dated November, said in a conversation with CoinDesk head of business development Kraken Futures Kevin Beardsley (Kevin Beardsley).

He also said that Russia is the most undervalued cryptocurrency market, and especially attractive it makes «an abundance of technical talent.»

As two examples of Beardsley led the team Telegram and TradingView, which are mostly residents of Russia and neighboring countries.

Particularly promising for the Russian Federation, according to Beardsley, the market of cryptocurrency futures:

«Russian traders increasingly see bitcoin as just another asset class along with commodities and currencies. A rapidly increasing number of traders, combined with a growing acceptance of crypto-currencies represent a positive signal for the growth of cryptocurrency trading futures in Russia.»

It is expected that this year the Kraken, Futures open a Russian office, and will focus on providing support to the Russian-speaking community in social networks and partnerships with local organizations.

Recall, Kraken Futures established on the basis of the British regulated platform cryptooperation Crypto Facilities that Kraken was acquired at the beginning of last year.


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