American bitcoin exchange Kraken will be released to the Russian market

American bitcoin exchange Kraken is pursuing expansion of its futures platform in Russia and has already attracted the first representative in the local market. The exchange’s plans, the organization of personal meetings and groups in social networks, writes CoinDesk.

«Russia belongs to the most undervalued market in the cryptocurrency industry, not today, – said the head of business development Kraken Futures Kevin Birdsli, adding that the presence of a large number of technical experts makes it particularly interesting. – Dominated by the US and China, to a lesser extent Japan and Korea. Although Russia is a leader in establishing the infrastructure and has a large community, the coverage is relatively small».

As examples Birdsli indicated on the Telegram and TradingView, which come mainly from Russia and nearby countries.

Russian expansion Kraken will not include spot trade or any channels to replenish accounts with ruble. Birdsli believes that futures trading pairs in the cryptocurrency cryptocurrency is the safest tool to reach new market and poses a «relatively low risks of money laundering» through the stock exchange.

Currently, the platform Kraken Futures available futures contracts for bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cash, Litecoin and XRP.

According to the analytical platform Skew, trading volumes, bitcoin futures Kraken for the last day amounted to about $30 million, compared to $3.29 billion from OKEx.

Kraken previously reported that the number of requests of the authorities to it in 2019 increased by 49%.


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