The Creator of eCash David Chaum introduced a new private cryptocurrency Praxxis

The Creator of the first digital cash system eCash David Chaum and team Praxxis has published technical documentation network xx network and coins Praxxis (xx coin).

«xx network is a new type of platform for protected digital sphere, which allows users to share ideas and values in a safe and private way. The revolutionary combination of functionality, reliability and performance,» said David Chaum.

According to a press release, in the mechanism of consensus Praxxis there are several key features to achieve speed and network security. These include support for fast consensus at the expense of fetching witnesses, the mechanism of chance for protection from network attacks and compact signature confirmation for resistance to the attack of quantum computer.

Privacy networks provides communication network level Elixxir cMix, which hides metadata users, combining mixing with end-to-end encryption.

In addition, to ensure the privacy of the transaction Protocol Praxxis splits the payments into individual coins.

Recall, Chum in September introduced the cryptocurrency Elixxir, also focus on speed and privacy.


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