The fake program to cryptotrading cost the Russians 400 thousand rubles

Another Russian suffered from the actions of criptoportico. This time the victim of speculators was a resident of the Altai territory, reports local news resource «Altapress».

Man living in a small town rubcovsk, read the online ad, stating that you can easily earn on investments in digital assets. When registering on the website, the Russians have their phone, after which he was called by the unknown and it was presented by the broker.

The crook suggested the man to install on your computer a special program with which help ostensibly it is possible to engage in trading. The inhabitant of Rubtsovsk believed the stranger and installed the application.

Once the program has been downloaded, someone started to remotely control the victim’s computer. Criminals gained access to personal account online banking victim and withdrew his card, 400, 000. The man had already contacted the police, who began searching for the suspects.

A similar case occurred recently in Tatarstan. 53-year-old nurse also wanted to get rich by investing in the cryptocurrency, however, it has become a victim of fraud, she stole 435 000.


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