Opinion: the upcoming halving will be a «disappointment» for bitcoin prices

Upcoming halving bitcoin will have no impact on the price of bitcoin. This is the opinion of co-founder Morgan Creek Digital Jason Williams.

«A very unpopular opinion. Halving bitcoin in may 2020 will not affect the price. It will be a disappointment,» said Williams.

In may 2020, the result of another halving remuneration to the miners for the unit will be reduced from 12.5 to 6.25 BTC BTC. Analysts disagree about the impact this will have on the price of the cryptocurrency and with what time lag.

In review Williams recalled that, historically, reductions in awards caused the parabolic rise of bitcoin prices. After the first such event a «digital gold» reached a peak of 364 days, after the second halving rally lasted 511 days.

Analyst at PlanB on the basis of the created model Stock-to-Flow also believes that the price of the leading cryptocurrency after halving will grow. This will result in a reduction in the supply of BTC to investors.

However, previously the cryptanalyst Willie Wu noticed that the first halving bitcoin coming from a background of bearish sentiment in the market.

Recall that after the meeting in August Polovinnaya rewards for Litecoin unit price «digital silver» has moved to decrease. At the moment the drop closer to 70% of the annual maximum, and the reduction Hasrat network has already achieved this indicator.


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