More than 60% of the total number of bitcoins have not moved in the last year

Over 60% of all issued bitcoins in the last 12 months never left their wallets. This drew the attention of the analyst Rhythmtrader citing data BitInfoCharts.

Of about of 18.08 million the total number of mined coins 11,58 million (64%) remained in their wallets in 2018.

During this time, the price of bitcoin has increased from $3 200 in December last year to highs of 2019 to $13 100 in July. The subsequent fall of the quotations were down to $6 600, but then rose again above $7 000.

«Even when prices rise to 85% of those millions of bitcoins have not been sold and not traded. Convinced Hodler insane,» wrote Rhythmtrader.

The strategy for maintaining the first cryptocurrency as an investment tool, or godling, the last is becoming more popular. Earlier it was noted that in November, only one week the number of bitcoins that have not moved for 12-18 months, increased by 51%.

According to analysts Binance Research, hodling is a successful strategy of investing in bitcoin.

The leading cryptocurrency is increasingly seen as a long-term investment tool, not a means of payment. For example, the Creator of one of the oldest initiatives in the cryptocurrency space, «bitcoin Black Friday» John Holmqvist pointed it out as one of the reasons for the closure of the project.

Recall of the cryptocurrency persons in purses, is an asset that users for various reasons have lost the access. Analytical Chainalysis company had previously estimated the number of bitcoins lost forever of almost 4 million coins.


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