Change Waves came DEX hybrid exchange Waves.Exchange

A decentralized market Waves DEX completed work, and instead it was launched and has already passed the stage of a fully functional hybrid platform Waves.In Exchange, the developers confirmed on Monday.

«Since then, the old version of the exchange will not be available. The website will offer only the functionality that is needed to support migration. Means users on DEX Waves will remain in full security during and after the process,» the company said.

According to developers, Waves.Exchange combines the irreversibility of the transactions, security and maintaining control over assets for and by the users of the decentralized exchange and it has the capability of centralized trading platforms.

For further development of the Waves.The Exchange will respond to a separate command, which will also include former developers of the main engine Waves.

«Waves DEX was a prototype, said Waves CEO Alexander Ivanov. Two years later, it grew into a separate project. It is time to focus on the development of the Protocol and pass the foreign exchange the team and the community, which will be separated from the Waves, so we can merge all these infrastructure team one, synchronize the development and bring a combined product to a new level».

In the future the developers intend to launch programs for partners and market makers, as well as to trade with USDT until the end of the month. Among other advantages over DEX Waves are called planned tools for stacking cryptocurrency assets.


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