Bitfinex has added support for Lightning Network

Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex has integrated support for making deposits and withdrawals through the network Lightning Network (LN), according to The Block.

Bitfinex has become one of the first major exchanges to offer the support of LN.

According to technical Director Paolo Ardoino, they hope that this will help to expand the number of network users.

«We Bitfinex think she can make a difference in our industry because it provides P2P-micropayments small commissions and high throughput,» said Ardoin.

He added that this requires a greater awareness, understanding and acceptance of the LN from the wider crypto community.

Bitfinex is also working on the launch of the network LN tablconv Tether and Tether Gold, said Arduino.

Earlier in LN has discovered a vulnerability to DoS attacks, which can slow or stop 80% of the payments.


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