Bitcoin exchange called Poloniex to buy TRON but half an hour later he changed his mind

The Twitter account cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex there was a message with a call to buy TRON. After 28 minutes the platform deleted the tweet.

The removal of the post may be associated with fears of exchange of various accusations of not only community but also of regulators. First, Poloniex has no right to recommend any asset for trading as they do not have the necessary qualifications. In addition, the recommendation of investing in a particular asset may create a conflict of interest.

Second, the exchange could easily be accused of insider trading, especially given its recent rapprochement with TRON.

We will remind, in October it became knownthat the new operator Poloniex will be the company Polo Digital Assets that will support «big investment group». The media saidthat Justin San actively involved in this group, and in mid-November, he confirmed the purchase of shares of Poloniex.

Later the exchange acquired a decentralized trading platform TRXMarket on the basis of the TRON. In Poloniex called it part of a strategic plan and a big step closer to Tron Foundation.


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