Who is John Hyman, or what do we know about investment Advisor Telegram


According to filed SEC report, in the second closed round ICO Telegram drew $850 million from 94 investors, after which the total investment in the project amounted to $1.7 billion. Thus in mass media there was information that the Telegram is planning to abandon the public round, as it has the ability to attract the required amount within the closed tocancel. However, despite the high interest of investors to the project, the organizers of the ICO was not disclosed virtually no information about the details of the project, a list of partners and team members.

Today we know that the head of Telegram Pavel Durov plans to develop and launch its own blockchain platform TON (Telegram Open Network) and its cryptocurrency Gram. According to the white paper, TON is a «multi-blockchain»: it involves complex protocols that can be used repeatedly and in different variations to increase the flexibility of the platform. The project will also be running a TON of DNS — domain name system; TON Storage — decentralized file storage, access to which is carried out through a TON of P2P Network using smart contracts; TON Services platform for third-party services, which provides an intuitive interface for decentralized applications and smart contracts; and TON Payments — micropayments platform and a network of micropayment channels.

As for the team, it is known that the project was founded by Pavel and Nikolai Durov, and the development has a team of eleven developers. And according to Bloomberg, in January the position of chief investment Advisor was appointed investment expert Jon Hyman. If this information is confirmed, it means that the ambitious project Durova has just acquired an experienced professional with an impressive track record.

John Hyman has experience in the field of traditional investment banking with a length of nearly 30 years. In 1993, Hyman began his career in one of the largest U.S. Bank holding companies Morgan Stanley, where he spent the next 17 years, holding different senior Executive positions. During this time, he headed the European Office for equity capital markets and was co-head of the European division for work in the capital markets.

In January 2010, Hyman left Morgan Stanley to start work in the London asset management Cheyne Capital LLP. However, a year later, he decided to return to investment banking and joined Renaissance Capital in the role of co-Director of the Department of investment banking and financing. By 2013, Hyman held the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive of Renaissance Capital, but soon, for unknown reasons, left the company.

After two years of lull in the October 2015 edition of the Financial News of London announced the return of John Hyman, but this time in the role of an independent financial adviser firm Ondra Partners LLP. Thanks to the wide experience with complex transactions and transactions in capital markets, Hyman soon became a partner of the firm, and held this position until now.

Working with cryptgenkey

24 August 2017, the blockchain platform Blackmoon Crypto introduced by John Hyman as one of the key advisors of the project:

Platform Blackmoon Crypto as intermediary between the world of cryptocurrency and traditional investment markets. Blackmoon Crypto is designed to be run licenzirovanie investment funds and also allows you to create, maintain and develop the legal investment structures in various jurisdictions with the use of blockchain technology. The project is headed entrepreneur and FINTECH investor Oleg Seydak, as well as a businessman and investor Ilya perekopsky, who last worked with Pavel Durov on the development of Russian social network Vkontakte.

In the comments to DeCenter Oleg Seydak reported that «John Hyman has helped to acquire useful contacts and has organized more than 10 meetings with CEOs of financial companies, investors, bankers and asset managers based in the UK» but that «he spent a lot of their personal time and shared an exceptional experience that would be impossible to find elsewhere». However, the rumors about the involvement of Hyman in the project Durov, the owner could not confirm, noting that between him and the Advisor Blackmoon Crypto there is no agreement on exclusive partnership.

In an interview about the platform Blackmoon Crypto Hyman described the blockchain and cryptocurrencies as a revolutionary technology that will change the current financial sector:

«I believe the revolution that started cryptocurrencies and the blockchain will have a huge impact on the way work today financial transactions and services. While all the changes in the financial sector are very slow. However, given that this technology is scalable, efficient, cost effective and trusted by consumers can be guaranteed that it will cause massive changes in this sector.

The financial industry needs to focus on the customer, to be effective, global, and less bureaucratic in order to regain the trust of consumers and society as a whole. It is the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and the services and products associated with stock market can help in achieving these goals. And I think that the development of these technologies, the market is ready for such changes.

I believe that the blockchain is exactly what we need right now. Technology has the potential to change many of the processes and principles of operation. The positive aspects that carry a cryptocurrency and the blockchain will become a permanent part of the financial businesses of the future.»

If the John Hyman in fact, the Telegram, his wide experience in the field of traditional investment banking and asset management will be indispensable in trying to run the blockchain and cryptocurrency that can be revolutionary for the stock market. But it is worth noting that attempts by reporters to confirm his participation in the project was not successful, and Hyman left all the letters from the editorial office without an answer.


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