Unknown «miner» for the third time threatened to explosions because of stolen bitcoins from the exchange Wex

December 2, Vyborgsky, Nevsky, Primorsky and other district courts of St. Petersburg were once again evacuated. Unknown again threatened to blow up the building and demanded a return 120 BTC stolen from cryptocurrency exchange Wex.

As previously reported ForkLog, users of the site assume that by «mining» buildings can be part of a team of Russian businessman Konstantin Malofeev, who is associated with the sale of the exchange to ex-militants «DNR» Dmitry «Sailor» of Chevchenko and theft of assets.

«The ultimate goal of threatening letters is to put all investors Wex terrorists and to deprive of the possibility to seek a refund through the courts,» — they say.

According to the United press service of the courts of St. Petersburg, at the time of publication of the material Nevsky and Primorsky courts have returned to work. Dangerous items and explosives not found.


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