The CEO of Kraken, a digital yuan will push the United States to create its own virtual currency

In the case of the successful launch of digital Renminbi United States of America will likely think about issuing its own virtual currency. In an interview with Youtube channel Crypto Trader said CEO bitcoin exchange Kraken, Jesse Powell.

According to Powell, restrained statements of the United States on the blockchain and digital assets attributable to the fear of radical changes:

«The us dollar is the global reserve currency. Losing this position, you will lose a lot, not to mention the fact that the country can start hyperinflation. So much is at stake», — said CEO Kraken.

However, Powell believes that the United States will take steps to maintain a dominant position in the global financial arena.

Kraken CEO also reminded that crypto-currencies make up only 20% of the activities of his pitches, and focus on solving the problems of regulation of the stock market in the United States.

Earlier in November the head of the research division at people’s Bank of China Changchun Mu said that the best commercial financial institutions will compete with each other for dominance in the digital ecosystem of the yuan.


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